DMIN'07 The 2007 International
Conference on Data Mining








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Conference Chair:
Robert Stahlbock


Conference & Programme
Sven F. Crone
Stefan Lessmann







Technical Sessions & Workshops

The DMIN'07 will host a variety of special sessions and workshops. Below is a list of the sessions officially approved by the programme committee (updated soon):

Special Session: --

Session Chair: --
Session Website: --


Please express your interest to submit papers via email to --


Each technical session will have at least 6 paper presentations (from different authors), each workshop session will consist of at least 10 papers. The session chairs will be responsible for all aspects of their sessions; including, soliciting papers, reviewing, selecting, ... The names of session chairs will appear as Associate Editors in the conference proceedings and on the cover of the books.

Proposals to organize technical sessions should include the following information:

  • Name and address (+ eMail) of proposer.
  • Title of session
  • An indication whether you are attempting a workshop or technical session
  • A 100-word description of the topic of the session, the name of the conference the session is submitted for consideration
  • A short description on how the session will be advertised (in most cases, session proposers solicit papers from colleagues and researchers whose work is known to the session proposer).

Proposals should be submitted by mail or email (email submissions are preferred) before February 12, 2007 deadline to:

Conference Chair
Robert Stahlbock
University of Hamburg
Department of Business Administration
Institute of Information Systems
Von-Melle-Park 5
D-20146 Hamburg
eMail: conference-chair (at)


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